Class Notes

Class notes in chronological order:

March 29 Class Notes

Standard Format for all papers in Chris’s Classes:

MS Word

12 pt

Times New Roman

Double Spaced

Black Ink Type


Optional:  APA or Chicago (let him know if you plan on uses this type)

For sources (Free)

Types of Writing:

Subjective                   Objective

-Internal                      -external

-Imagination                -Fact Based

-Sourced (cited)


Most subjective: Poetry                      Most Objective: Grocery List

Go to  (Free Blog) and sign up!  All homework will be turned in on your blog.

Ethos – Right/Wrong

Pathos – Emotion

Logos – Fact

What are the reasons for writing?

1.  Explain

2.  Persuade

3.  Record

4.  Educate

Before we had writing papers we had Rhapsody.

There are 3 components of writing:

-Symbol (abstractive)



Habitable metaphor- reader understands or gets into it (experience the writing)

We have an:






-Facts (2-3 sourced and cited)


Homework  # 1 -Definition Argument Chapter 8 in text (Paper Number 1)

*Find a Bill (House or Senate) is it good or bad because of facts. Must be two pages long, which equals 500 words but no more than 750 words.

A is B because of C

-Data                                       -Points

-Warrants                                -Support (sourced, mediated and cited)


Send Mr. Manno your URL to your Blog and Homework is due by 2400 Thursday.

If you need help with some sources go to page 245 in text.

Homework # 2 – Subjective (you)  (Paper Number 2)

*Question – If you steal my car ______________

Ethos  – right/wrong

Pathos – anger

Logos – laws

We must explode the question {STEAL} dishonest/criminal

METAPHORUS – Make the reader get into paper.

Again 2 pages 500 words no more than 750 due by Thursday 2400 posted to your BLOG.

Subjective papers are in I form.

Objective papers are in the third person – no conversational tone.

Quick Review:

Poetry is the most subjective and a grocery list is objective.

Both have ethos, pathos and logos.

We have an Intro, Body and a conclusion.

Subjective writing must make people live it.  Metaphorus

Email Chris your Blog URL.

Post both drafts of your papers to your Blog by Thursday 2400.


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